After 2-3 Weeks . . .

So it’s been 2-3 weeks that I started my workouts. I’m still pumped & more than motivated – I feel so much better after than I do before I start my workouts. I feel my legs getting toned, my arms are sore which only means it’s working, I notice a difference when I put on my jeans [just a slight one for now]. I also notice that I have a bit more tolerance for the workouts I push hard all the way as much as I can. I should be going fitness shopping soon since I’m in need of weights, resistance bands and a yoga mat ; my towel can only do so much and I have a tile floor which isn’t that great on my elbows or knees.

Week 3 is starting today on the Brazil Butt Lift – I’m following the Classic Solution Workout. The workout plan is 6 days a week for a month minimum, Monday – Saturday. I feel my bom bom [my booty] slightly toning and getting firm. There are some workouts that I do love, for example the clam shell, screwdriver, leg lift & over the rainbow. I can hands down feel the burn when I do the workouts but I love the feeling. I can’t wait to kick it up a notch and possibly do level 2 workouts this week. Just saw the workouts for this week, shouldn’t be too bad but I know I will murder it & push through it.

The Firm Express get Thin In 30 is also another one that I’m doing &  starting week 3 with it today. The workout plan for this one is a month, 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday & Friday. I have endurance, even though they are a bit too fast for me I still get it down. I love the fact that not only is this a cardio workout it’s a FULL body workout. I do my best throughout the whole workout but I give it my all & then some in the 8 seconds bursts that they have. Man, those things do kill you –  it makes me want to keep going but I know that I can’t over push myself.  I’ve done this workout DVD before so I know it’s going to work.

Last but not least I do yoga everyday and after every workout. I do yoga for 15 minutes that’s targeted for my back since I do have back problems. Stretching feels awesome and it’s a good way to relax. Since I started my triple threat workout I don’t complain about my back as much as I use to. Feels great and I love it. I also need to buy a scale soon since my mother in-law won’t let me use hers lol. Oh well to each their own. I had a not so great weekend but my day is already starting to look up as I woke up and couldn’t wait to workout.. Yup that happy for Mondays lol. Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a fantastic week. Until next time! xoxo – britzy


~ by adlezirb on July 23, 2012.

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