Loving Yourself

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“I have all the love in the world to give but no one to give it to…”

I see a friend of mine posting things like this most of the time & i just want to sit her down & give her a good talking to. I use to post things like this so I know how she’s feeling; she feels lonely & wants to be loved. From my experience you cannot feel lonely & be wanting a relationship at the same time.  It’s just a recipe for disaster all in one. For example, say you do get a boyfriend & your feeling that way – your relationship will end because you’ll appear clingy. I have yet to meet a person who likes people who are clingy. Clingy people in a relationship do not work.

Before you get into a relationship you have to love yourself. How do you expect someone to love you if YOU can’t love yourself? You have to love all of you from your imperfections head to toe to your best feature. Confidence is key, be confident in yourself. Any person usually loves someone who loves themselves and is confident. I cannot emphasize that enough. I’m not perfect I don’t look like those females on the magazines and I love that about myself.

There are girls in high school thinking it’s the end of the world when they breakup with a boyfriend they’ve been with for less than 3 months. Um, no sweetheart your life isn’t over, your young and there are many more fish out in the sea. Yes, I know it’s a high school thing to be dramatic to some girls but get yourself a reality check. It’s part of the circle of life, it makes the world go round. Breakups make you a better & stronger person unless you have low self-esteem, then you bring out; the ice cream, the chocolates, the sad songs, the chick flicks. Every relationship in your life you need to treat like an obstacle and see the breakup from both sides. It makes such a difference to do so.

Love yourself! Change up your hair, do something you want, do a mini spa day at home or at the salon. If you look good then you will feel good about yourself hence then bringing up your self-esteem. Do something positive that puts a smile on yourself. Don’t gossip or put someone down to bring yourself up to me that’s idiotic,  foolish & moronic.  Do what I do, I love making people’s day by doing the simple thing. The night before I write a good morning message wishing them to have a good day, sometimes with a picture. I do this the night before I have my alarm set for 7am. When my alarm goes off I wake up send all those group messages and go back to bed for another hour lol. It makes my day when I make someones day.

I can sit here & type for hours about this topic but I think I’ll just leave it as that. Thank you all for the positive feedback I truly appreciate it. To all have a safe, blessed & fun weekend. xoxo – britzy


Appreciation . . .

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All that we behold is full of blessings.  ~William Wordsworth


Happy Thanksgiving to all! To me this holiday isn’t only about the food but showing how grateful you are for your surroundings. I always am grateful and appreciative but I tend to show it show much more on this loving holiday. I make phone calls and send personal messages via text message. My only mission is to let people know how grateful I am for having them in my life. If i put a smile on their face that is just an added bonus for me. Then again I love making people smile. I find it funny how I can show how grateful and appreciative I can be to family and friends.


I am grateful for my family and I mean everyone. Although I may not speak to others for whatever the reason may be. I am grateful for my mother. She raised me wish wasn’t an easy task considering how much of a handful I was when I was living under her roof. I find myself stopping and smiling because I just did something she use to do. We have the exact same personality, I wish that when it is my time to be blessed with a child, that my child and I have a close bond like my mother and I do. I’m grateful for my father and the time I spent with him. He will always be the #1 man in my life always and forever. 


I’m grateful for my kids (baby sisters) they are the reason why I strive to be better, lead by example. I never had a big sister to look up to and teach me things that my mom couldn’t. I will love them always and forever to infinity and beyond. There are times where I get frustrated with them but I’d rather do that then not have them in my life. 

I’m grateful for my old and new friends, as silly as this may “sound” to you reading this but my prayer was answered. I asked for help to remove the negative people in my life, all I wanted was friends that I can have for a lifetime. I sit and think of the people that surround me and smile because my friendships are golden. I wouldn’t have any other circle of friends but more are always welcome.


I want to wish you all a very warm loving and stuffed Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded by those close to your heart and I encourage you to send personal messages or make phone calls to show how grateful you are for having that person in your life. Now I’m off to write personal messages to those on my contact list and find an electric hand mixer so I can make dessert. Gingerbread pudding cake from scratch sounds like a promising treat. Once again May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be prepared for the sleepiness that comes but once a year. Until next time xoxo – britzy

REVIEW: Influenster Sweetheart VoxBox

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CAM01369_wm I have received yet another voxbox & I must say this is the best one yet! It’s been a little over a week since I’ve received it so I’ve had time to play around with the goodies and form my own opinion on each. Before I start reviewing the items, if you aren’t aware of what am Influenster VoxBox is let me fill you in.  Influenster is a FREE program where you take tiny surveys and obtain badges on their website in order to qualify to receive a FREE box (VoxBox) of Products (Full size or Samples) to try out, review on Influenster.com, share with your friends or subscribers and you can also qualify for even more FREEBIES and special deals from the brands that work with Influenster. It is Completely Free! They just want you to review everything! You used to be able to sign up but now it’s invite only. If you want an invite please let me know & I’ll gladly do it. This is my 5th Influenster VoxBox, I love getting these.

NOTE: I will only send you the invite if you will follow-up with the website and challenges.

CAM01370_wmFirst goodie on the list is the Olay Fresh Effects {Va-Va-Vivid} Powered Contour Cleaning System retailing for $12.99. The sample size cleanser that it comes with is called Olay Fresh Effects {Shine, Shine Go Away!} Shine Minimizing Cleanser, the full size retails for about $6.99. This device gets into your skin and really cleans deep as it claims. I love it and it came at the perfect time since I recently found an interest for skin care. I was thinking of getting the Clarisonic Mia2 but I’d opt for this any day. I love that it comes in a triangle shape so you can get all over the face and get a deep clean. I instantly noticed a difference in my (combination) skin it was less oily and cleaner. There are two cleansers so get the one that works for you. Since it deep cleans you have to be careful because with how well it deep cleans and the power of the scrubber there is a possibly you might break out (you have been warned).

CAM01372_wmThe 2nd goodie is the Secret Clinical Strength Response retailing for $7.99-$9.99. I had mixed feeling about it since it’s another deodorant but I was curious to see if it would really work or not. I had always wanted to try it but didn’t because it was pricey. I sweat as any other human does and when your stressed you sweat a bit more. It kept me fresh and dry all day I was impressed with this and glad I got it. Now I will want to spend the extra money on this product but I think it’ll be perfect for a night out or summer since it’s right around the corner.

CAM01373_wmThe 3rd goodie is actually an edible one, Skinnygirl Daily On-The-Go Bars retailing for $9.99 per box which contains a total of 5 bars. The flavor I was given was Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate.  I’ve known Skinnygirl to be known for their line of wines, vodka with natural flavors and their ready to serve cocktails, so of course I was amazed that they had come out with an edible product. This was yummy although it did have an overpowering taste of banana it was good, you could taste the dark chocolate after a few seconds. I had this as a snack and it held up pretty well until it was time to eat. Most definitely going to be on the look out for the other flavors next time I go grocery shopping.


Last but not least we have the Not Your Mother’s She’s A Tease Volumizing Hairspray retailing for $6.00 for the full size. It’s to help with the teasing and infused with natural apple blossom and bamboo. I try not to put products in my hair as much only when it’s necessary. I tried it the other day when I decided that my hair needed a little bit of volume. It held up great, it has a weird smell to it or it could have been the fact that I had gone out drinking the night before lol. My hair had volume for most of the day. I will most likely look more into this brand to see the other products that they have to offer.

Thank you Influenster for sending me yet another VoxBox and I hope this isn’t the last. I hope you all had a great weekend and look forward to having a great week as well. Until next time xoxo – Britzy

DISCLAIMER: I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. This is my own opinion on the products.


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REVIEW: Influenster Cosmo VoxBox

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It’s been a little over a week since I have received my Influenster Cosmo VoxBox. If you are not familiar with this program let me fill you in. Influenster is a FREE program where you take tiny surveys and obtain badges on their website in order to qualify to receive a FREE box (VoxBox) of Products (Full size or Samples) to try out, review on Influenster.com, share with your friends or subscribers and you can also qualify for even more FREEBIES and special deals from the brands that work with Influenster. It is Completely Free! They just want you to review everything! You used to be able to sign up but now it’s invite only. If you want an invite please let me know & I’ll gladly do it. This is my 3rd Influenster VoxBox, I love getting these. I read the email the day when you qualify so I barely made it. The products in this Influenster VoxBox are perfect for any female. My camera has been having trouble with focusing so please excuse that.

CAM00602– First on the list is FriXion pen from Pilot Pen. They go for $4.50 for a 3 pack & $11 for an 8 pack. I normally don’t go with gel pens since they usually always suck. Although, these work swell it writes so smooth & you can erase everything just from the rubber tip. I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself. So I now carry these with me in my bag









– Second is the Forever Red Eau de Parfume which is sold exclusively at Bath & Body Works. $10 for a .25 fl oz & $44.50 for a full size. I absolutely positively love this luxurious perfume! It contains a blend of pomegranate. red osmanthus (not sure what that is), & vanilla rum.  To me it is the perfect scent for the holidays, I can’t describe it but it just is.







-Third is this chocolate from Ghirardelli Gourmet called Milk Sea Salt Escape which retails for $2.79. I love chocolate every now and then so when I saw this I was excited but frowned a little because I’m not a fan of salt on my candy. I was so wrong about this one the milk chocolate combined with the sea salt and roasted almonds make one fantastic combination. Just thinking about it now make my mouth water.









CAM00608-Last but not least is from a 2 in 1 goodie, Gillette Venus Embrace and Venus & Olay Razor refill. You can now mix and match and Venus razor and Venus blade refill which makes me super happy. I love Venus refills but my favorite has to be the Venus & Olay one. It leaves my legs so smooth that whenever I shave I can’t stop touching my legs, yes that smooth.






Thank you Influenster for sending me yet another VoxBox and I hope this isn’t the last. I hope you all had a great weekend and look forward to having a great week as well. Until next time xoxo – Britzy
DISCLAIMER: I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. This is my own opinion on the products.


2 Years . . .

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afterfocus_1355017550732Two years ago today I received the phone call that I lost you but I gained yet another guardian angel. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, they say within time the pain heals but my wound is still fresh. I still get choked up, I still long for your voice, still long for that Sunday phone call. Trying to stay strong for you is a hard job within itself, I try not to talk about you because it’s still hurts so much. God blessed me with 2 of the worlds greatest parents but took one from me too soon. Your advice was straight forward but gentle, your jokes were hilarious, your stories were joyous, your laugh was contagious, your words were kind. My writing is all over the place because that’s how my mind is every 10th, 18th, and 25th of December. The 10th you left this earth and became a guardian angel, the 18th we said our hard goodbye and the 25th marks your birthday.

Not many people will ever come close to understanding the father-daughter relationship we had. Everyone who knows me, knows that it is in fact the small things that matter to me. I am so glad beyond words that I found you. That father-daughter dance meant the world to me so much more than anyone can ever even begin to imagine especially when you sang that song as we danced . You made my Quinceañera that much better. I look past all the stuff that had happened in the past because I wanted that father daughter bond, not many people can do that & I’m so glad I did. I have the 2 best guy friends that took me to go see you at the hospital up north in August 2010 little did I know that I would be losing you that December. I learned that everything happens for a reason, we sometimes not ever know why exactly but there is a reason behind every action.  Not many people believe in the spiritual side.

I truly do believe that it is because of you dad that I have had the best birthdays, it sounds weird but it’s what I believe. When I think of that it warms my heart so much, I do wish Heaven had a phone line so I could continue to talk to you every Sunday, I do wish you weren’t taken from me so early,  do wish some sibling relationships were different. I do wish that I could call you and tell you what’s going on in my life and you somehow teach me something different every time. I do wish a lot of things but you can’t have it all and I know that. I do wish that people would learn to appreciate the people that they have around them and treat them differently. I highly appreciate all of my friends that I have, you can’t find others like them. I’m so glad I met them and wish to have many more glorious years of friendship with them all. (That would be the best gift ever)

I miss you more as each day passes but I smile because I know your watching over us. I’m doing my best every day to keep my promise that I made you, every day is a struggle but I will soon overcome it all. I know it because I am your tough princess. With every phone call he would always say goodbye saying in Spanish, Always, always, always behave yourself – and if you misbehave be sure to invite me. Don’t worry dad, I will always behave myself and if I misbehave I’ll make sure to invite you, because I know you got your little girls back. As I began to write this I teared but as I finish I am smiling. Until next time xoxo – Britzy

One In The Same . . .

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I haven’t had much sleep so I should be sound asleep as a normal person would be . . . but the 2 good cups of joe that I had will not let me sleep. Since I haven’t written and I’m full of ideas I figured why not. I realized this weekend even more that whether you’re a legal guardian, adoptive parent or have had the privilege to have your own child, there is one thing we all have in common (well at least some).  That we will protect and defend our children no matter what the situation is. Everything that you do is for them, always put them before anything else and will love them unconditionally.

Only thing is that I’ve always been like that for my sisters, the difference now is that there is a piece of paper saying I’m part legal guardian. Since I got that piece of paper I defend, protect, and hear them out more than ever. I’ve always told them I’m the big sister to them that I always wanted. I want them to have the things that I couldn’t or didn’t have. I am their best friend, sister and mother all in one – talk about a triple threat.

Just in case you’re wondering our wonderful mother is still in the picture but she’s super far, try another country. Their dad is in the picture obviously or else I’d be breathing down his neck if he wasn’t. Every time we are the phone with my mother whether it’s me only or with the girls my mom always gives us a blessing (says a prayer) before we hang up. I love it when she does that it makes my heart smile. I miss her so much, when the girls tell her what I did for them – my mom always says “May God bless you” in Spanish. My response always is “Thank you mom but I’d do anything and everything for them – I love and care for them as if they were my own”.

The girls and I are going through an obstacle at the moment but it’s nothing that we can’t overcome. Going through this together will make us that much better and our bond that much stronger. Bonds can always become a bit torn but always have room to make it stronger. As much as I would love to write about it, I have to keep certain things private. One thing I will say is that I do not understand people who manipulate the law to “win” and cause harm to innocent people out of anger, jealousy or any hatred. Why have hatred in your heat to being with, but to each their own as I always say.

I’ve been up since 5:15am and it’s now 9am, still not sleepy. Most likely stay up not to mess up my sleeping schedule. I sent my Good Morning messages and I feel great – always sending and receiving a positive vibe. I can’t wait for my birthday, for this year I have things planned and I can’t wait to spend it with my boyfriend, close friends and my kids. Hope everyone has a great, blessed and positive day! Until next time xoxo – britzy

Random: every time I post something talking about legal guardianship – Katherine Jackson and Micheal Jackson always come up in my recommended tags.



Remembering 9/11 . . .

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11 years ago today we lost so many people who lost their lives and we saw so many become heroes.  I was 11 or 12 when it happened, since I didn’t have such a great childhood I tend to block stuff out permanently but I do remember this horrific event.  I was in 7th grade going to home room since school had started about a week before I think. I was always prompt to class even now I never like to be late – always the first one in home room i sat in the first row in the last seat. My home room teacher was from New York his name was Mr. Nasternak. He was always making the class laugh and making it easy for people to learn, he really cared and wanted us to pass his class. That day I remember taking my seat and the look on his face which was glued to the TV expressed emotions of anger, sadness and worried. The students knew he was from New York and as they walked in sensed something was wrong. The class was quiet as we watched, we saw the second World Trade Center building get hit. I’m not sure if he knew people who worked at the World Trade Center or anywhere around the area – I think it was one of them. It was obvious that he was worried and wanted to make phone calls but he turned off the television and took attendance. Every time I remember the 9/11 attacks I remember my teacher Mr. Nasternak and the feeling of the whole room. I hope that wherever he may be that he is doing well and still having that smile on his face. We will never forget those people who lost their lives, those people who saved other lives before their own, all other heroes that went in to save others and may have lost their lives. I hope one day I can go to New York so I can visit it the memorial they made because that was beyond amazing. I hope everyone had a great day until next time xoxo – britzy

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