Loving Yourself

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“I have all the love in the world to give but no one to give it to…”

I see a friend of mine posting things like this most of the time & i just want to sit her down & give her a good talking to. I use to post things like this so I know how she’s feeling; she feels lonely & wants to be loved. From my experience you cannot feel lonely & be wanting a relationship at the same time.  It’s just a recipe for disaster all in one. For example, say you do get a boyfriend & your feeling that way – your relationship will end because you’ll appear clingy. I have yet to meet a person who likes people who are clingy. Clingy people in a relationship do not work.

Before you get into a relationship you have to love yourself. How do you expect someone to love you if YOU can’t love yourself? You have to love all of you from your imperfections head to toe to your best feature. Confidence is key, be confident in yourself. Any person usually loves someone who loves themselves and is confident. I cannot emphasize that enough. I’m not perfect I don’t look like those females on the magazines and I love that about myself.

There are girls in high school thinking it’s the end of the world when they breakup with a boyfriend they’ve been with for less than 3 months. Um, no sweetheart your life isn’t over, your young and there are many more fish out in the sea. Yes, I know it’s a high school thing to be dramatic to some girls but get yourself a reality check. It’s part of the circle of life, it makes the world go round. Breakups make you a better & stronger person unless you have low self-esteem, then you bring out; the ice cream, the chocolates, the sad songs, the chick flicks. Every relationship in your life you need to treat like an obstacle and see the breakup from both sides. It makes such a difference to do so.

Love yourself! Change up your hair, do something you want, do a mini spa day at home or at the salon. If you look good then you will feel good about yourself hence then bringing up your self-esteem. Do something positive that puts a smile on yourself. Don’t gossip or put someone down to bring yourself up to me that’s idiotic,  foolish & moronic.  Do what I do, I love making people’s day by doing the simple thing. The night before I write a good morning message wishing them to have a good day, sometimes with a picture. I do this the night before I have my alarm set for 7am. When my alarm goes off I wake up send all those group messages and go back to bed for another hour lol. It makes my day when I make someones day.

I can sit here & type for hours about this topic but I think I’ll just leave it as that. Thank you all for the positive feedback I truly appreciate it. To all have a safe, blessed & fun weekend. xoxo – britzy

Calendar . . .

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feb-2014-cropped Well yes that is a calendar . . . a workout calendar that is! I’m so pumped to do this, I started but already missed yesterday and twisted my ankle earlier today. Not off to a good start but a start is a start nonetheless but I will continue. I was sore yes but it was a good type of sore feeling. I’m going to try something that I heard regarding on a scheduled workout routine.

When you do a workout calendar like the one on this post or a workout DVD it is best to only 2 weeks. Soon as my dang ankle is done being in pain, I will continue where I left off. I’m so glad I finally got my netbook! It was hard blogging on the phone, especially when I tried to post the other day and the post wasn’t showing saying there was an error. Oh well it’s done and already went over the bridge.

I’ve been making better choices and eating smaller portions when it comes to the “bad food”. It’s been working so hopefully I will lose the holiday weight I unfortunately gained then continue down the road of my weight loss journey. I have people saying that I look fine as is because I’m even. Don’t get me wrong I do love my body and the curves that I have but it’s what I must do to be healthy. I want what almost every woman wants – a flatter tummy and to be toned up. Plus having more energy from working out is a great feeling. I get hyper and feel like a kid again.

In case you are wondering where I got this workout calendar then I will most definitely tell you, it’s YouTube. I find her workouts are so positive. Seeing her not stopping and pushing through the tense burn makes me want to push even more than her. I like that kind of motivation. I want to try a kickboxing class, wonder if I can find someone to go with. Well off to bed now this indica sure relaxed the heck out of me. Hope everyone is having a good work week! Until next time xoxo – britzy

Always Learning . . .

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I’ve always said any situation that you are in is either a blessing or lesson. I started learning around the time I was 16 or 17 I can’t recall; anyways this past relationship was a lesson indeed. Now I can say sometimes when you think it’s a blessing it actually is a lesson is disguise.

I thought that I knew better but it’s always nice to be reminded. I had forgotten that no one needs a man to make them happy. I have always loved me but forgot that I don’t need someone in my life. Especially when the person you care about is making you feel unappreciated.

I’m doing just fine on my own. I have my own place, pay my bills, live with 2 dogs – I make my own rules and responsible for my dogs and I. I’m happy as can be, I learned who the real friends are with different situations. I have learned how to not go off on people who approach you in a negative way. I realized that I was lying to myself. I was in love with myself but not with the size of my jeans.

I almost forgot how great it feels after a workout. Luckily I went to a yoga class, out of my comfort zone. I went to the gym! Yay, baby steps of course. I’m excited to meal prep, smoothie prep, attend my local gym (my apartment complex has gym facility), begin waist training and really focus on me, myself & I. It’s what I know I need and I’m glad that I know now rather than never knowing.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season with loved ones. I hope you are all off to a great start this year. With the new year I’m not hoping for a new me, I’m working towards an even better me. This even better me is on the hunt for adventure. Happy sunday everyone & may you have a great work/school week. Until next time everyone! – britzy xoxo

Appreciation . . .

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All that we behold is full of blessings.  ~William Wordsworth


Happy Thanksgiving to all! To me this holiday isn’t only about the food but showing how grateful you are for your surroundings. I always am grateful and appreciative but I tend to show it show much more on this loving holiday. I make phone calls and send personal messages via text message. My only mission is to let people know how grateful I am for having them in my life. If i put a smile on their face that is just an added bonus for me. Then again I love making people smile. I find it funny how I can show how grateful and appreciative I can be to family and friends.


I am grateful for my family and I mean everyone. Although I may not speak to others for whatever the reason may be. I am grateful for my mother. She raised me wish wasn’t an easy task considering how much of a handful I was when I was living under her roof. I find myself stopping and smiling because I just did something she use to do. We have the exact same personality, I wish that when it is my time to be blessed with a child, that my child and I have a close bond like my mother and I do. I’m grateful for my father and the time I spent with him. He will always be the #1 man in my life always and forever. 


I’m grateful for my kids (baby sisters) they are the reason why I strive to be better, lead by example. I never had a big sister to look up to and teach me things that my mom couldn’t. I will love them always and forever to infinity and beyond. There are times where I get frustrated with them but I’d rather do that then not have them in my life. 

I’m grateful for my old and new friends, as silly as this may “sound” to you reading this but my prayer was answered. I asked for help to remove the negative people in my life, all I wanted was friends that I can have for a lifetime. I sit and think of the people that surround me and smile because my friendships are golden. I wouldn’t have any other circle of friends but more are always welcome.


I want to wish you all a very warm loving and stuffed Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded by those close to your heart and I encourage you to send personal messages or make phone calls to show how grateful you are for having that person in your life. Now I’m off to write personal messages to those on my contact list and find an electric hand mixer so I can make dessert. Gingerbread pudding cake from scratch sounds like a promising treat. Once again May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be prepared for the sleepiness that comes but once a year. Until next time xoxo – britzy

15 Blog Post Challenge (The Future)

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Post two on the 15 Blog Post Challenge


Discuss how you hope your future will be like.


I hope my future will continue to help me keep growing and learning to become a better person, No one is perfect let’s face it, mistakes will happen and people will build the bridge and be thankful for the lesson. I hope to have a steady job and be either living on my own, enjoying my life or sharing it with someone. I use to want to have my sisters live with me and I feel bad but that’s not what I want anymore. I’ve helped raised them and I did my part but I won’t stop from being a sister. In my future I hope to have some of it figured out if not then all, Continue working and taking random classes. Continue to be the free spirit that I normally am. Hope you all have a great Sunday Funday! until next time xoxo – britzy

15 Blog Post Challenge (with life of love)

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Decided since I have been m.i.a yet again, instead of promising to keep up – I figured it would be best if I just do a challenge. I love a challenge so I think I’d have better luck with this. It’s actually a 15 day challenge but I changed it to post instead.

1.) Discuss your current relationship. If single, discuss how single life is.

My current relationship status is in a relationship with someone I met at a previous job. It’s going quite well, I am happy beyond words to have someone in my life that accepts me for me and doesn’t do a thing to change what he doesn’t like. I don’t do that with anyone, I merely accept anyone as they are so its nice when someone finally does it right back.  I haven’t been happy like this in a long time and its nice and refreshing to get along with someone who thinks just like you do. That wants to make your day just because he wants to not because he feels like he has to do so. I admire how much of a hard worker that he is but sadly that has its downside which is time. He’s always busy with work, so I see him at least once a week. That will soon change within time of course. I don’t really want to say much on the topic since my relationship is nobody’s business but mine and my baby’s lol. Unless that is I discuss it with friends but then again I don’t say much on that either. I’ve learned that relationships turn out for the better when everyone doesn’t know your business and so far I like it. I’ll leave off with that. Hope everyone is having a great week, I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow! Have a wonderful and joyful morning/afternoon/evening/night! Until next time xoxo – britzy

Confession . . .

•May 26, 2013 • 1 Comment

As open as I am there are somethings that I can’t say so I write, although there are still things that I keep to myself that I won’t admit to. I’m only human so what can you do. I was hesitant to write this but that voice in my head kept telling me to do so, so here I am typing away while I have a nutritious Herbalife breakfast. I had a low self-esteem issue with my weight when I was in my last year of high school, it got worse when my mom moved away and I moved out. I had a bad habit of eating nothing but junk and comfort food when I was stressed or gloomy.

I wouldn’t like to look at myself in the mirror because I knew that the way I was handling my stress or depression moments wasn’t the right way. I thought what could I do to be able and face the reflection looking back at me in the mirror? That’s where I turned to makeup. I started looking at tutorials and buying things online to apply the cosmetic mask on my face. (I think that’s why I would refer it as putting my face on but now I joke about that) I learned the basics of putting on makeup. I was able to look at my face in the mirror again and hoped that people would do the same. Obviously that didn’t work for them but worked for me.

I moved to Bakersfield (worst place ever!) to help out family, my mom introduced me to Herbalife which I joined and lost weight while I was on it. My proudest moment was the 10 pounds I lost in 4-5 days! I left Bakersfield and moved back to the valley after a while, which of course I stopped using the product and gained some of the weight back. Not a proud moment, I found myself back with the makeup applying. I started working out on 2 separate times and lost weight which brought my self-esteem higher. Although it wasn’t the accomplishment that I wanted it was still one, it’s much more fun when you’re on a fitness journey with a friend.

I found myself applying the minimal makeup since I grew to love it as it was a way to show my creativity. I am in a good place where now I apply the minimal which is a proud moment for me and only apply some eye makeup when I go out every now and then. There are days when I don’t put it on because I feel so confident and I love myself for that so much more.

I am look forward to see what the bright future holds for me. I am truly and genuinely thankful for the friends that stuck by me and the new people who I’ve met. I also thank the people who left my life because you were a part of a lesson that I learned. I hope you are having a great memorial day weekend and I remind you to remember the reason behind memorial day. It’s a day of remembering the brave men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, until next time xoxo – britzy

Weigh In . . .

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Weigh In . . .

Last night my friend Lizzy, her boyfriend Lou and I weighed ourselves. We made a choice prior to the weigh in to get back on track to our weight loss journey. We’ve bought DVD’s, some equipment but most importantly we bought our products that will give us the extra push to reach our goals. Along with the exercises and watching what we eat of course.

Lizzy and I repurchased Herbalife, which in the past has helped with our weight loss. We got off track and now will push one another to reach our goals. It’s more fun when you aren’t in it alone, I know this from personal experience. This summer is going to be a good one. Full of sweat, yummy shakes and as well as the random moments.

If you haven’t yet realized I’ll be using this blog as a fitness journal, still keeping up with my blogs of course. We should be starting this week, should be interesting considering how it worked last time. I just noticed that my writing is “all over the place”. With that said after we weighed ourselves we also wrote down our weight goals. I look forward to writing in a month on how far we’ve gone so far.

Current Weight & Weight Goal:
Myself- 210.6 – 140
Lizzy- 289 – 200
Lou- 201.6 -176

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