Gallbladder Stones . . .

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My mother has had problems with gallbladder stones for years. I remember when I was in high school she’d be in pain but always keep it moving and with a smile on her face. She has always been like that, no matter how bad the situation was there was always a smile on her face and always looking at the bright side. Now that I think about it, my dad was the exact same way. They both didn’t really speak out on how much pain they were in – they always had a smile on their face. I didn’t realize how bad and sick my dad had gotten until after his funeral. I smiled since I know he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want his princess to worry. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the few if not many things I picked up from them both.

Back in 2007 on Labor Day weekend I recall she was real bad. She was in bed almost all day, had a terrible headache and was spitting up blood. I was nervous and scared, didn’t know what to do. I dialed 911, they picked her up and took her in the ambulance. My main concern was not wanting my little sisters to see but I couldn’t hide it from them. I drove the car and went to where they took my mother. Obviously I didn’t take the girls, mainly because I didn’t want to leave them in the waiting room by themselves. I was proud of myself that weekend because I didn’t break down like I thought I would have. I made sure my mom was taken to the hospital and that my sisters were clam and fed (since they didn’t eat lunch yet). Got my mom home later on, safe and sound and made sure that she was taken care of as well as my sisters.

Now that she’s in Mexico she doesn’t tell me when she’s not feeling well – I have to hear from her boyfriend. When my sisters were the ones who told me when they were living with her over there of course. I am not sure how to describe what happened to me yesterday but I’ll do my best. I started getting a weird feeling around 7pm PST, I was feeling light-headed but in a weird way. Like I took some kind of drug and was coming off it, I’ve never felt that before. I thought it was from the Excedrin Migraine medication I took the night before but knew that was impossible. I usually call my mother around the afternoon but for some reason didn’t. I wanted to call and tell her about my weird feeling so I called her today. Her boyfriend’s nephew told me that she was in the hospital – I didn’t appreciate in the way that I was informed but glad that I was. I hung up the phone cried for a bit then pulled myself together – I don’t like for people to see me cry.

I called her boyfriend a few hours later and he explained to me that it was her gallbladder stones bothering her again, this time the pain is painfully unbearable. I asked him around what time did her pain get worse and to my surprise it was the same time I had that weird light-headed experience. I like to say that her and I have a deep and spiritual connection. She went to the hospital last night and she will be having surgery tomorrow. Even though it’s a minor surgery I am still worried since I don’t trust doctors in Mexico. I ask for you that’s reading this to please keep her in your prayers for I want her to get better and have a speedy recovery. I’m so glad she has that boyfriend of hers, he left work right away and hasn’t left her side. I will not be telling my sisters since I don’t want them to get frustrated and upset – I’m pretty sure I’ll be telling them as soon as they inform me that she’ll be a okay. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I truly appreciate it. I hope everyone is having a fun weekend filled with BBQ’s, friends, family and an all around good time. Have a blessed one, until next time xoxo – britzy


Rambling . . .

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Seeing tonight’s episodes of  MTV’s Awkward was amazeballs since it’s a great show. As I was watching the last scene where she is there with her mom in bed comforting her with a song made me tear. Not only that, it made me miss my mom. Terribly if I may add. It’s hard when your best friend leaves the country – other people have their best friend or sibling to look up to for support or comfort, but what do you do when you’re the rock for those people.

I have my mom on the phone worrying about the girls and crying to me that she’s worried. I have the girls telling me they are fed up with the extreme stress of living under the same roof with all those people. All 3 of them cry to me and vent out and being the person that I am, I hear them out and offer advice and support. Yes, I give my mother advice everyone needs it at any age, even if you are wise beyond your years. So if they vent out to me then who do I vent to?

I’m the type of person that will hear other people out, be there for them whenever needed & I’ll do my best to answer every call &/or text. I’m also the kind of person that doesn’t want to be a burden of some sort to others, I don’t want to vent to others simply because I don’t want pity or I don’t want others to worry about me. If  I do vent to someone then I don’t fully tell my story – it’s a bad habit of mine.  Also when I did vent out 10% of what I was feeling even they couldn’t handle it. They were in shock and didn’t know how to respond. Which was the type of reaction I was trying to avoid and afraid it would happen. Although dreams to come true unfortunately so do fears.

I don’t think there is a person I know that can hear me out so I guess I’ll have to find one to pay them – yep, time for therapy. I need to vent out and let it out because if I don’t I fear that I’ll blow up and it won’t be a beautiful sight but more like a horrendous one. Thanks to Google I found one near by and within my price range. We shall see if I get the guts to email them soon, I know it has to be done – but it can be a nervous thing or having an anxiety of going. Glad I have this blog to vent just a little bit of what’s on my mind or in this case sugar-coating it. Since I’m not lying about it just less is more type of thing.

Well off to bed I go since this sleepy time tea and migraine pill is getting to me. Goodnight/Good Morning/ Good Afternoon/Good Evening to you all. Hope you had a great week – may you have a safe and enjoyable labor day weekend. Until next time xoxo – britzy

Finally Registered!

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So after 3 darn weeks of trying to register Alondra [my other sister] I finally succeeded! It was a very irritating and long process but it had to be done. I knew it was a process but I didn’t realize the actual long process until I had to do it for her. It wasn’t a long process for Mitzi since she had already attended that school before. So I have Mitzi in 8th grade graduating this year, well hopefully if she gets her grades that is.

Alondra didn’t get so lucky since in high school they go by credits and she missed a whole school year, they held her back so she’s in 10th grade. I’m glad that they do have the option of letting the students take classes after school. If she wants to graduate on time she’d have to stay in school until 5:30ish. It’s her choice of course I’ll be glad if she does take it. I took her to get her shots in the morning then we went to the school for the final process, where we’d have to go from office to office to get signatures.

Everyone we went to was so nice and welcoming but there was one male who was giving her kind of a hard time. Some kids know what they want to do after high school, some have a slight idea & some don’t. My daughter falls into the category of “not knowing”. Since she is shy and doesn’t know the counselor was down sizing her saying things like, “I don’t know if we should even let you in this school since you don’t know what you want to do after high school”.  First of all do not down size my child in front of me, I can see her shaking her legs, biting her lip & I saw her eyes water. Although I’m glad he did so I can see what a jerk he was to her. I have a bit of a temper and am quick to boil when you start to mess with the ones I love. I had to bite my tongue since I didn’t want Alondra getting into trouble since she hasn’t even started.

We went to another counselor to get her classes, this woman even though she was the only one in the office doing the work of 2-3 counselors was nice and had a smile on her face. Even though she gave Alondra the classes she needed she somehow forgot to give her a p.e class. She said she’d take the blame for it later which was cool with her. Since my sister told her about the guy who downsized her – she gave my sister easy teachers who are known for being nice and understanding. I hope she gets back on track to and gets to graduate on time.

Now that both girls are in school I now can look for a job – which I found one, well it was handed to me it’s once a week but it’s something for now. Something to add-on my resume, something to pay for what the girls need, something to pay my bill and something to keep me occupied and back on the working grind. I hope everyone had a great weekend and had a great start to their week. Have a great one to who ever is reading this. Until next time. xoxo – britzy

Being A Legal Guardian So Far . . .

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Since my best friend (mother) left to mexico almost a year ago with my sisters – Alondra & Mitzi. I love them so much but since they didn’t want to go to school in Mexico & my mom was worried about the people they were hanging out with the wrong crowd and where it would have taken them but I won’t get too much into that. All in all they came back and since they couldn’t live with me they went with their dad. I helped raise these girls while my mom would work to put food on the table, clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads, basically I was a second mom to them.

When my mom made the decision of sending them back to the states with their father she made be a legal guardian which is a smart move & glad she did it. Meaning their dad and I have to get along even though I just want to yell in his face but I’ve learned to keep my cool. When the girls need to get something where someone has to be a citizen that’s where I come in, the good thing about is I can see them whenever I can with no problem – just an obvious heads up.

The girls have a great time when they come over my home but dread when they have to go back to their dad’s home. I wish I didn’t have to let them but I can’t keep them with me. Home is supposed to make you happy not make you dread to going back. Why they dislike it? Simple . . . step-mom. This lady and I have had our fair share of heated discussions but she’s been behaving herself & so have I – I have a very bad temper that so little have seen and I would like to keep it that way.

No parent/guardian wants a phone call from their child saying she doesn’t want to be there or when they are having a hard time getting along with others but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Them calling me or wanting to come straight to my house instead of going else where. I’m glad it only takes one bus to get to them or vise-versa which I’m so thankful for. It’s obvious that no one is perfect and I know that the girls and I will overcome this bump in road together. I love them with all my heart and by the looks of it my mother and I did a fantastic job in raising them. They have the most wonderful and purest hearts and minds. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day and may you have a wonderfully fun-filled and safe weekend! Happy hump day! until next time xoxo – britzy

Fitness Challange

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I decided instead of posting each day on this blog I decided to wait until the challenge was over to post all the questions and my answers – with that being said or in this case written here you go: (Day 1 was already posted)

2. What are 3 of your favorite healthy breakfasts?
Plain oatmeal with sliced apples, bananas and nuts with OJ, Breakfast smoothie & Bowl of Multi-Grain Cheerios

3. What are some of your favorite lunches?

Veggie sandwiches, Progresso soups & Grilled chicken salads

4. What do you like to eat for snacks?

  • apples
  • celery with peanut butter
  • fruit with non fat cottage cheese, non fat Greek yogurt or non fat plain yogurt
  • non fat Greek yogurt with a spoonful of nutella and peanut butter

5. What are 3 of your favorite healthy dinners?

  • fruit salad
  • grilled chicken salad
  • bowl of cereal

6. Do you have an eating plan or do you just try and stay away from junk food?

yes my eating plan consists of staying away from junk food – I allow myself one cheat day where I eat only one thing say animal style fries from in-n-out and the rest will be healthy choices. I have to admit it was hard at first but then it got easier. One day at a time.


7. What exercise do you do?

Well the first month I was doing the Brazil Butt Lift program Monday thru Sunday, The Firm Express Thin In 30 Monday, Wednesday & Friday and yoga targeted for my back after every workout. Now that I finished that I’m on to another program which is Jillian Micheal’s 30 Day Shred Monday thru Friday, Zumba Monday, Wednesday & Friday & the yoga targeted for my back – I’m also adding more yoga that will be targeted for my chest, hips & abs.

8. Do you have any specific goals, like running a faster mile or being able to lift a certain amount of weight?

Everyone has goals when they are changing their lifestyle. Mine just happens to become happier with myself & have my toned body – curves and all. I love love love pin-up I think all the outfits are amazingly stunningly beyond gorgeous (yeah that much).

9. What have you changed in your everyday life to become fitter?

Well obviously I started the workouts but most important is my eating habits I have only one cheat day – it was hard at first but then day by day you get use to it. I notice a difference in how I felt then when I would have fast food as to now when I eat a salad. Let me tell you it feels amazing. Every chance I get I have a fruit.

10. Any tips for people trying to become healthier?

Yes, I’ve probably mentioned it before but I’ll say it again. DO NOT start getting fit because of what someone said, that is the wrong type of motivation. The best motivation is when you do it for you & only you. You feel better because your pleasing yourself – it benefits you & only you. Once you realize that you need to do it only to please yourself then you will start seeing major progress within time of course. If you really want to get fit you’d do it & not procrastinate.



Influenster: Latina Beauty VoxBox

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This is my second VoxBox from Influenster really excited I received it sometime last week and my review on these products should be up soon.

Influenster is a FREE program where you take tiny surveys and obtain badges on their website in order to qualify to receive a FREE box (VoxBox) of Products (Full size or Samples) to try out, review on, share with your friends or subscribers and you can also qualify for even more FREEBIES and special deals from the brands that work with Influenster. It is Completely Free! They just want you to review everything!

Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips, Leg and Body: $9.99
NYC Liquid Lipshine: $2.49
Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Mini Shower Gel: $5
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen Deluxe-sized Sample
Always Radiant Infinity Pads: $6.99
Always Tampax Radiant Collection: $1.99

DISCLAIMER: I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster

Happy friday hope you all have a great and safe fun-filled weekend xoxo – britzy


Day 1 Of 10 Day Fitness Challenge

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1. What are your motivations for becoming fit?

My motivations for becoming fit are like any other female who was in good health in high school that stress got to her or someone who just got tired of seeing themselves in the mirror. You know that point when you cry to yourself because you hate the way you look like or when you use to take pictures when out with friends then all of a sudden don’t want to be in the picture anymore? Yeah I’ve already been there. Glad I started making changes, I feel great and channel any frustration into my workouts. I also had this vision and I plan to  make that vision come true. I can’t say what it is because that is my secret motivation but the others are pretty self explanatory. The motivation will only progress if you do it for yourself and not because someone tells you otherwise. I say this because I’ve started when  people have told me but it never worked. Now that it’s for me I’m doing so much better and i’m so damn proud of myself. I can’t wait and see how much I progress I have made on my birthday. Which is in October (:

Saw this challenge on Tumblr – I wrote it on my page so I decided to bring it here too.

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