Appreciation . . .

All that we behold is full of blessings.  ~William Wordsworth


Happy Thanksgiving to all! To me this holiday isn’t only about the food but showing how grateful you are for your surroundings. I always am grateful and appreciative but I tend to show it show much more on this loving holiday. I make phone calls and send personal messages via text message. My only mission is to let people know how grateful I am for having them in my life. If i put a smile on their face that is just an added bonus for me. Then again I love making people smile. I find it funny how I can show how grateful and appreciative I can be to family and friends.


I am grateful for my family and I mean everyone. Although I may not speak to others for whatever the reason may be. I am grateful for my mother. She raised me wish wasn’t an easy task considering how much of a handful I was when I was living under her roof. I find myself stopping and smiling because I just did something she use to do. We have the exact same personality, I wish that when it is my time to be blessed with a child, that my child and I have a close bond like my mother and I do. I’m grateful for my father and the time I spent with him. He will always be the #1 man in my life always and forever. 


I’m grateful for my kids (baby sisters) they are the reason why I strive to be better, lead by example. I never had a big sister to look up to and teach me things that my mom couldn’t. I will love them always and forever to infinity and beyond. There are times where I get frustrated with them but I’d rather do that then not have them in my life. 

I’m grateful for my old and new friends, as silly as this may “sound” to you reading this but my prayer was answered. I asked for help to remove the negative people in my life, all I wanted was friends that I can have for a lifetime. I sit and think of the people that surround me and smile because my friendships are golden. I wouldn’t have any other circle of friends but more are always welcome.


I want to wish you all a very warm loving and stuffed Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded by those close to your heart and I encourage you to send personal messages or make phone calls to show how grateful you are for having that person in your life. Now I’m off to write personal messages to those on my contact list and find an electric hand mixer so I can make dessert. Gingerbread pudding cake from scratch sounds like a promising treat. Once again May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be prepared for the sleepiness that comes but once a year. Until next time xoxo – britzy


~ by adlezirb on November 28, 2013.

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