Remembering 9/11 . . .

11 years ago today we lost so many people who lost their lives and we saw so many become heroes.  I was 11 or 12 when it happened, since I didn’t have such a great childhood I tend to block stuff out permanently but I do remember this horrific event.  I was in 7th grade going to home room since school had started about a week before I think. I was always prompt to class even now I never like to be late – always the first one in home room i sat in the first row in the last seat. My home room teacher was from New York his name was Mr. Nasternak. He was always making the class laugh and making it easy for people to learn, he really cared and wanted us to pass his class. That day I remember taking my seat and the look on his face which was glued to the TV expressed emotions of anger, sadness and worried. The students knew he was from New York and as they walked in sensed something was wrong. The class was quiet as we watched, we saw the second World Trade Center building get hit. I’m not sure if he knew people who worked at the World Trade Center or anywhere around the area – I think it was one of them. It was obvious that he was worried and wanted to make phone calls but he turned off the television and took attendance. Every time I remember the 9/11 attacks I remember my teacher Mr. Nasternak and the feeling of the whole room. I hope that wherever he may be that he is doing well and still having that smile on his face. We will never forget those people who lost their lives, those people who saved other lives before their own, all other heroes that went in to save others and may have lost their lives. I hope one day I can go to New York so I can visit it the memorial they made because that was beyond amazing. I hope everyone had a great day until next time xoxo – britzy


~ by adlezirb on September 11, 2012.

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