Finally Registered!

So after 3 darn weeks of trying to register Alondra [my other sister] I finally succeeded! It was a very irritating and long process but it had to be done. I knew it was a process but I didn’t realize the actual long process until I had to do it for her. It wasn’t a long process for Mitzi since she had already attended that school before. So I have Mitzi in 8th grade graduating this year, well hopefully if she gets her grades that is.

Alondra didn’t get so lucky since in high school they go by credits and she missed a whole school year, they held her back so she’s in 10th grade. I’m glad that they do have the option of letting the students take classes after school. If she wants to graduate on time she’d have to stay in school until 5:30ish. It’s her choice of course I’ll be glad if she does take it. I took her to get her shots in the morning then we went to the school for the final process, where we’d have to go from office to office to get signatures.

Everyone we went to was so nice and welcoming but there was one male who was giving her kind of a hard time. Some kids know what they want to do after high school, some have a slight idea & some don’t. My daughter falls into the category of “not knowing”. Since she is shy and doesn’t know the counselor was down sizing her saying things like, “I don’t know if we should even let you in this school since you don’t know what you want to do after high school”.  First of all do not down size my child in front of me, I can see her shaking her legs, biting her lip & I saw her eyes water. Although I’m glad he did so I can see what a jerk he was to her. I have a bit of a temper and am quick to boil when you start to mess with the ones I love. I had to bite my tongue since I didn’t want Alondra getting into trouble since she hasn’t even started.

We went to another counselor to get her classes, this woman even though she was the only one in the office doing the work of 2-3 counselors was nice and had a smile on her face. Even though she gave Alondra the classes she needed she somehow forgot to give her a p.e class. She said she’d take the blame for it later which was cool with her. Since my sister told her about the guy who downsized her – she gave my sister easy teachers who are known for being nice and understanding. I hope she gets back on track to and gets to graduate on time.

Now that both girls are in school I now can look for a job – which I found one, well it was handed to me it’s once a week but it’s something for now. Something to add-on my resume, something to pay for what the girls need, something to pay my bill and something to keep me occupied and back on the working grind. I hope everyone had a great weekend and had a great start to their week. Have a great one to who ever is reading this. Until next time. xoxo – britzy


~ by adlezirb on August 28, 2012.

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