Day 1 Of 10 Day Fitness Challenge

1. What are your motivations for becoming fit?

My motivations for becoming fit are like any other female who was in good health in high school that stress got to her or someone who just got tired of seeing themselves in the mirror. You know that point when you cry to yourself because you hate the way you look like or when you use to take pictures when out with friends then all of a sudden don’t want to be in the picture anymore? Yeah I’ve already been there. Glad I started making changes, I feel great and channel any frustration into my workouts. I also had this vision and I plan to  make that vision come true. I can’t say what it is because that is my secret motivation but the others are pretty self explanatory. The motivation will only progress if you do it for yourself and not because someone tells you otherwise. I say this because I’ve started when  people have told me but it never worked. Now that it’s for me I’m doing so much better and i’m so damn proud of myself. I can’t wait and see how much I progress I have made on my birthday. Which is in October (:

Saw this challenge on Tumblr – I wrote it on my page so I decided to bring it here too.


~ by adlezirb on August 8, 2012.

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