I Finally Understand . . .

It amazes me how much I’ve grown since my dad passing away, each day is a new lesson, each day I learn something new. Whether it’s a fact about someone, something from my dog, or when I read something online. I’ve recently learned a new lesson that I wouldn’t have figured out until I became part guardian or a parent. Teaching lessons and wanting to protect.

I remember mostly in high school my mom would be upset saying: those aren’t your friends, you’re going to get hurt etc,. In the beginning I would get mad at her telling her she didn’t know anything. After a while of her being right I would tell her and I still do up to this day – let me learn this lesson on my own or else I won’t ever learn.

I now know how she felt – wanting to protect her daughter from pain and see her from crying. Since I became part guardian of my sisters, I found myself trying to do the same thing with my girls. (Obviously my little sisters but since I did help raise them I call them my girls) Then I remembered when my mom would try to protect me. I did tell my girls although I don’t approve of them slightly drinking I’d rather them drink in front of my friends and myself.


All in all I learned that I should let them make their own mistakes they are my weird, annoying, beautiful and intelligent girls & I know they will learn fast on their own. Although I know that this just the beginning. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July & also a great day. Until next time. May God bless you and send nothing but good vibes and positiveness. xoxo – Britzy


~ by adlezirb on July 14, 2012.

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