Motivated, Pumped & Happy

Got my groove back to working out and changing my lifestyle. Feels good to have a workout buddy and someone that is as motivated as you to get and stay fit. Did the first day of Brazil Butt Lift and one of the bonus fitness DVD’s from The Firm Express – Get Thin In 30. 

Got my summer reading list on my kindle already and I can’t wait to read. I love love love Chelsea Handler – she talks all this smack and gets paid for it. I love her persona. Got suckered into the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy so I can’t wait to read that lol. I use to love reading Chicken Soup books, so I got some of those. I also got a book that was recommended to me, it’s called “90 Minutes In Heaven” by Don Piper which is based on a true story. Long story short he was in a bad accident was pronounced dead at the scene and he was miraculously brought back to life. 

I’m oh so motivated that I even want to write in my blog & it doesn’t feel like a drag – I hope everyone had a good weekend & a great start to their week – if not then tomorrow is another day. Do not bring the worries of today to bed with you so you can wake up with a fresh start. Now I’m off to watch a Disney princess movie marathon with my girls [little sisters] since they leave back with their father tomorrow. Stay blessed & positive xoxo – britzy




~ by adlezirb on July 10, 2012.

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