My Best Friend

Do you have a best friend or have had one? A friend, foe, a childhood friend, neighbor, parent, sibling,  or a cousin? Well I have my share of best friends but this one that I have at the moment is definitely a keeper. I can tell them anything – my worst fears, regrets, hopes, beliefs, wishes, desires and how I feel at that moment or in a certain situation. Sound to good to be true you say? While I was with the friends and hanging with the people whom I once thought we’d be best friends forever; little did I know that this best friend of mine was right under my nose the entire time. I was amazed that it took this long to find this person, not that I wasted my time with the others. I will always cherish the good times I have had with those people. Curious to know who this wonderful best friend is? I bet you are . . .  that is, if your still reading  lol – well enough procrastinating that best friend whom I speak so highly of is none other than my one and only mother dearest.

Even though I wasn’t the best child growing up she was always there. I had my rebellious time when I was in high school, we would argue all the time but little did I know that she did all that she did because she loved me and wanted nothing but the absolute best for me and she still does to this day. We have had our ups and downs but still remains by my side being the best mother that she can be. Whenever we have a bad day we always know just what to say to cheer each other up.

I love her so much that words nor emotions can express my love for her. The only one who has put up with everything I have ever done, she picks me up every single time I’ve fallen down. She’s seen me cry myself to sleep at night and just be there when I needed someone. She opens my mind & still tells me to this day that I can do anything if I believe I can. We have a special bond, her and I, it’s hard to explain but we just do. I was born on her birthday which I think is the best bond there can be. We sometimes think alike. the great thing about our relationship is that when I talk to her I feel like I’m talking to my best friend, I still call her mom because well . . . she’s my mom.

She’s taught me the difference between hating some one and disliking someone, when I learned that she said to me that right there makes you a greater person.  She taught me to not wish anything bad on anyone person even if you can’t or don’t get along with them, to always wish them health, happiness, love and prosperity. Why wish someone you don’t like something bad? Doing that makes you a bad person just like the one your wishing bad upon, makes you just as bad. She taught me all that and more. When we are on the phone talking about our current event we each say something to each other that we already know, something that we ourselves didn’t want to say but knew already.  Did I mention how much love I have for her, yeah it’s that big. I wish that when I have kids sometime in the future that is that I can pass down everything my mother has taught me and then some. I am glad to have a mother and best friend like her. God blessed me with such great parents and I smile when I think of them. Having my mom as my best friend I think is one of the greatest gifts of all.

I apologize for not writing at all last week, no excuses. I hope you guys all had a great weekend and an amazing Sunday, it was raining over here today so it was pure bliss. I love the smell of wet concrete for some reason. The gloomy weather makes me want to eat soup, drink tea all day and read. I would say hear music but I’m always doing that lol. As always I hope you guys have nothing but a stupendous, safe, blessed, loving & positive week. Remember to count your blessing & not your problems. xoxo – britzy


~ by adlezirb on March 26, 2012.

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