Rewind Button?

Ever wish you could rewind time, go back to a certain time or wish you could turn back the time? Maybe change something you wish you could take back? Did you just think about it? I know I did. I used to regret so many irresponsible & childish things I have done in the past. Wanting to call a person & just say sorry, even though it wouldn’t change anything. I had been thinking like that up until a year ago, I put a lot of thought into it – if I should really take it back. All those non lady like things I’ve done in the past. My conclusion is . . . no – if I had never made those mistakes before I wouldn’t be the young lady I am today.

Does that mean I am proud of the mistakes that I have made? Of course not but I can’t take it back now . . . can I? The better thing to do is live with it build my bridge & move on & learn from it. How I wish many of my friends especially the females will get that in their head. I can’t sit them down & give them this information because just like I did they need to experience this first hand. Again here I go with my maternal instincts not that I have any of my own but I do see some of my friends as my daughters.

It reminds me of the times when my mother would warn me that my friend was not a very good one & I ignored her, at time argued with her because of that. Little did I know that she would be right, it’s true mothers always do know best. She was just trying to protect me but later on learned herself that I needed to learn on my own. It’s funny how now I find myself doing that with some friends of mine or my kids (little sisters).

The mistake you make is part of your path & that is one that you yourself decide. You can either continue making that very same mistake over & over again, or you can see it as yet another lesson in life & move on with your life. So that the next time that obstacle may come at you again you know just how to dodge it. Sometimes you don’t realize that you make the same mistake over & over again until you pause & reflect on it. I understand that not many people will do that but I think many people should for the simple fact that it would be so much easier for them. It’s all of what I say the circle of life yes it’s from one of my childhood movies but what can I say . . . those movies were & still are some of the best.

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did this weekend with your friends, family &/or loved ones. Even though daylight savings may have affected some people, I know it did to me lol. I apologize for not writing last Sunday, I will try my best not to have that happen again.  I hope you guys have nothing but a stupendous, blessed, loving & positive week. Remember to count your blessing & not your problems 🙂 xoxo – britzy


~ by adlezirb on March 12, 2012.

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