Loving Yourself

“I have all the love in the world to give but no one to give it to…”

I see a friend of mine posting things like this most of the time & i just want to sit her down & give her a good talking to. I use to post things like this so I know how she’s feeling; she feels lonely & wants to be loved. From my experience you cannot feel lonely & be wanting a relationship at the same time.  It’s just a recipe for disaster all in one. For example, say you do get a boyfriend & your feeling that way – your relationship will end because you’ll appear clingy. I have yet to meet a person who likes people who are clingy. Clingy people in a relationship do not work.

Before you get into a relationship you have to love yourself. How do you expect someone to love you if YOU can’t love yourself? You have to love all of you from your imperfections head to toe to your best feature. Confidence is key, be confident in yourself. Any person usually loves someone who loves themselves and is confident. I cannot emphasize that enough. I’m not perfect I don’t look like those females on the magazines and I love that about myself.

There are girls in high school thinking it’s the end of the world when they breakup with a boyfriend they’ve been with for less than 3 months. Um, no sweetheart your life isn’t over, your young and there are many more fish out in the sea. Yes, I know it’s a high school thing to be dramatic to some girls but get yourself a reality check. It’s part of the circle of life, it makes the world go round. Breakups make you a better & stronger person unless you have low self-esteem, then you bring out; the ice cream, the chocolates, the sad songs, the chick flicks. Every relationship in your life you need to treat like an obstacle and see the breakup from both sides. It makes such a difference to do so.

Love yourself! Change up your hair, do something you want, do a mini spa day at home or at the salon. If you look good then you will feel good about yourself hence then bringing up your self-esteem. Do something positive that puts a smile on yourself. Don’t gossip or put someone down to bring yourself up to me that’s idiotic,  foolish & moronic.  Do what I do, I love making people’s day by doing the simple thing. The night before I write a good morning message wishing them to have a good day, sometimes with a picture. I do this the night before I have my alarm set for 7am. When my alarm goes off I wake up send all those group messages and go back to bed for another hour lol. It makes my day when I make someones day.

I can sit here & type for hours about this topic but I think I’ll just leave it as that. Thank you all for the positive feedback I truly appreciate it. To all have a safe, blessed & fun weekend. xoxo – britzy


~ by adlezirb on February 25, 2012.

10 Responses to “Loving Yourself”

  1. Great advice from to young and old. Believe it or not many older folks need this message!

  2. first thnk you for the feedback .. I can related to many things you said here.. first off i think I am very emotional and most of the time I do things base of my emotions .. many of them were wrong to do .. I love the fact that you can understand and not judge me , but like me for who I am !!!

    • No problem, yeah that’s one thing don’t act off your emotions. It’s the way I was raised, I hope you feel better soon. I wish i could take your pain away.

      • thank you im working on that .. lol and im so surprise with the way you think I love it .. thank you I know I wish it can go away. soon I hope 🙂

      • thank you .. god bless

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  5. http://lovelyseasonscomeandgo.wordpress.com
    Hi I agree 100%. Loving yourself is the best thing anyone can do for themselves. I am enjoying my visit with your blog. Have a good day. Betty

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